Coming Soon …. !



9 Responses to “Coming Soon …. !”

  1. Peter Elliot Says:

    I’m very interested in this new board – what’s the expected release date?

    Is there any initial specification documentation available.



  2. Vadim Vaynerman Says:

    Also interested in this board, def want to get it!!!

    Please post docs, specs or any additional information, there will be a lot of interest in this.

  3. Gary Says:

    Wonderful initiative- can you pls provide some more information about this board?

  4. Przemek Klosowski Says:

    I can’t take the suspense any more!!! please put some content on the site, even if it is still in flux—it’s the Open Source way (“Release early, release often”). It looks to be an exciting product, deserving buzz on par with the BeagleBoard, so don’t hold it so close to the chest.

    The board still can’t be ordered from the MCU Day ordering page: . I understand that it won’t be available for a while, and that the discount deadline has been extended, so it’s not a big problem but it’d be nice to just order it and wait for availability/shipment.

  5. Deven Says:

    Nice board! Sign me up for one.

  6. Marc Vincent Says:

    A block diagram would be nice! There’s only so much we can guess from blank PCB pictures…

  7. Ganesh Says:

    I look forward to using this board for a SDR project. Please sign me up for early access to this board


  8. mohan Says:

    i am looking this board for image processing application , when will you release this board . i am expecting lot

  9. mohan Says:

    Kashim said that board would be released at december 15 .the board have been attracted for outline and low cost than beagle board

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