Sorry for frustration

Hello all,

I am really sorry frustrating every one by not giving the details about the platform.  The board has come along good, I don’t find any issues in bring up Linux kernel and have tested all peripherals on board.

We have finalized the cost and distribution channel. The biggest problem for the hawkboard team is in arranging all the required chipsets or components, due to lead times in getting these components we are seeing the availability of board only by end of February 10.

We will get few boards by early November which will be delivered to early adopters and MCU day registered users interested in this platform.

For world wide distribution we still need more time.

sorry for all the delays, will keep you all updated with the proceedings.




2 Responses to “Sorry for frustration”

  1. Przemek Klosowski Says:

    Thanks for the update. Could you clarify the background of this project? I got the impression from the MCU day that hawkboard is related to beagleboard, and that it is somehow associated with TI—but the way you describe it looks like you are developing it on your own. If I got it right, great—the project is an interesting and capable platform at a reasonable price, likely to attract a lively developer community .

    Re. ordering, do you think it will be orderable at the MCU day site? They had it configured at the TI store, but it was greyed out. Is the plan still to include it, and if so, will TI/you honor the original terms (price/MCU day discount)?

  2. hawkboard Says:

    Thanks for the interest, this project is not driven by TI, it is a open community project. Like beagleboard, we should have the schematics, gerbers and all info open to all.

    I am a core member from the team of and active community participant, this project will fall in line with beagelboard. As it is with different processor and low end ARM but high end DSP, we wanted to execute it out of portal.

    Yes, TI has placed an order for boards, I think they will get in touch with you for honoring the MCU day discounts and orders.

    But the boards will not show up in bulk for few more months, but we have a limited quantity to launch the early adopters in the month of november

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