Here I give the most awaited details of board. Probably in next two weeks I plan to host a page on elinux to track early adopters of this platform.

The cost is still getting reviewed, so please don’t rush on the same.


8 Responses to “”

  1. Gerard Braad Says:

    Looks nice… ! Looking forward to more information about this platform…

  2. Mike Fontes Says:

    Is there any plan to provide a direct LCD and Touch screen capability? Not all systems use External Monitors.

  3. hawkboard Says:

    Yes, there is a plan to give UI board with Touchscreen and LCD support. But nothing is planned till we have base board released to the market.

  4. Mike Fontes Says:

    Can you release any of the detailed documentation so we can determine how the Hawk Board functions? Can you tell us what Linux build, and packages, you are using?

    As for the LCD interface, can you tell us what the UI connector details are?

  5. hawkboard Says:

    Documentation will be released by 1st week of November when we will have the launch for early adopter.

    All connector details will be published accordingly, please give wait for a while.

    Thanks for your patience.

  6. Frans Says:

    Is the memory in the SoC?
    Otherwise it would be nice to have a little bit more ROM and RAM!

  7. Vikas Says:

    November has started…. when you are going to provide more info?????
    I am constantly delaying my other options to evaluate this board by looking at proper documentation since it’ll cost less in India.

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