New Tools For Using the DSP on Hawkboard

Last week, TI released two new software development tools that they hope will encourage more developers (especially ARM developers) to make use of the DSP on their ARM+DSP platforms (which includes the OMAP-L138 at the heart of the Hawkboard).

The first tool, called C6Run, aims to provide an automated way to compile and run code on the DSP core, without having to learn any new tools or APIs.  When programs built using these tools are run, from the target Linux system, the DSP is enabled, loaded and communicated with by the ARM.  Individual portions of applications, or entire applications can be executed on the DSP. Documentation for the tool is available on TI’s embedded processor wiki. This tool is also open source and is being developed on TI’s external subversion server.

The second tool, called C6Accel, provides pre-defined APIs to access the collection of TI’s optimized DSP libraries for their C6000 architecture.  As the DSP core in the OMAP-L138 is both a fixed-point and floating-point DSP, the exposed libraries include optimized fixed- and floating- point code.  The exposed libraries include simple math libraries, image processing routines, and optimized signal processing routinesDocumentation for this tool is also available on TI’s embedded processor wiki.

It will be interesting to see if ARM developers actually start making use of these to utilize the DSP.


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